Lee Tockar

Welcome Back Emmy-nominated voice actor, Lee Tockar has lent his voice to hundreds well-loved animated characters, in over seven thousand episodes of animation and animated movies, and video games.

Lee is currently featured as “Mim Mim” in Kate & Mim Mim,  Snips”, “StevenMagnet”& “Coriander Cumin” in My Little Pony, “Gull” in Endangered Species, “Darth Maul” in The Yoda Chronicles, “The Roach” in Supernoobs & the EPIC roll of “FRIEZA” in Dragon Ball Kai.

Other titles include, Pirate ExpressThe DeepRatchet & Clank (The movie), Open Season (The Movie), “King Kong” in Netflix’ King KongBeast Wars, Fantastic Four, The Incredible HulkIron Man, and the maniacal “Dr. Frogg”, in League of Super Evil.

Fluent in animal, creature, monster and several forms of gibberish, Lee is widely regarded as the Frank Welker of Canada. When asked to comment, Mr. Welker cheerfully said, “Sorry, Lee-who?”

In 2008 Seth MacFarlane presented Lee with the ELAN Award for Best Voice Artist of the year. As well, he has taken home a LEO Award and was honored with his Emmy nomination for his performance of “Pronto” in Slugterra. This year he won the 2016 UBCP/ACTRA Awards for Outstanding Performance and says he is humbled to be well thought of in a field he has dreamt of since he was a child.

Lee has written, directed, cast, designed, done sound design for and taught animation throughout his 25 years plus in the industry. Cartoons quite literally are… his life.

      Full filmography:

Andrew Francis

This year’s battle for supremacy between pirates and ninjas at the Crystal Fair St. Louis will have a royal touch. That’s because the Fair is proud to announce Andrew Francis as our next Guest of Honor for the 2018 Crystal Fair. This year’s Fair is Andrew’s first ever visit to St. Louis’ My Little Pony Convention.
Andrew is best known as the voice of Shining Armor on “My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic.” In addition to playing the role of Twilight Sparkle’s BBBFF, he’s als...o provided the voice of Night Light, Shining and Twilight’s father. Outside of MLP, Andrew has worked on a variety of shows; including Gil Nexdor on “Johnny Test” and Lance McClain in “Voltron Force.” He is also known for Dinotrux for Dreamworks, Ninjago for Lego, and Max Steel for Mattel. On screen, he recently completed season one of Hallmark's new original series 'Chesapeake Shores' as Connor O'Brien.
Art by ShyRedd

Community Guests

Ghostly Muse 

Kenzie Fields AKA Ghostly Muse is an Alumni of the Columbus College of Art & Design. She's both an illustrator and a comics creator, known for her graphic novel series FriendQuest and for her work as a recurring artist and mascot designer for the Brony Thank You Fund. She's currently working freelance on a Lovecraftian inspired card game with Steam Kitty Games and is an RPG enthusiast. You can find her at her booth selling her graphic novel, art prints, sculpted works, and doing on-the-spot commissions for anyone who's interested. She loves all things Ancient Egypt, spooky, and paranormal and will totally give you a high five if you ask for one.

Sausome VR 

Welcome Sausome VR to our Gaming Area at the St. Louis Crystal Fair. 
They will have multiple VR games for attendees to enjoy on the HTC Vive, with 20 minute times slots. Signup is free, and can sign up multiple times, Including Ponyville VR. 
Be Advised: Glasses are not allowed while wearing headset. Can not have more than one pending time-slot at a time. Those prone to motion sickness are advised against some games.

Curvy Kitty Cosplay

Curvy Kitty Cosplay is a female St. Louis based Plus Size Cosplay Trio. The Group was founded officially in 2013, but the girls have been friends starting in 2002. CKC has since attended conventions and always promotes Cosplay Equality in the community. Check out more information about them on their website

Fiaura the Tank Girl

Fiaura is from Alabama and Educated at the University of Delaware and Rutgers. She currently works as a content creator because “Ponies are too much fun to give up!” Doing research on virtually any question that comes “For Science!” as well as writing fanfictions both Cute Fics and Fallout: Equestria.

On YouTube you will find she does a combination of Anime, Warhammer 40K, Video Games, and My Little Pony work both on science and just to have fun with her subscribers.

Originally introduced to My Little Pony by Babscon without having watched a single episode and playing a Con Mascot as a professional actor all weekend, a story you will have to talk to her to get the details. She now runs a series called, “Science the Flank” in which various questions from magic to age of ponies to Why does Pinkie Pie Exist are attempted to be answered.

Please do come and enjoy the science and hopefully come up with a question that stumps even her for a special reward.

Chocolate Pony

Social Media Links

Main site:

Twitter: @meta_artist 

Chocolate Pony (SouthParkTaoist) is the penname of a professional artist who Tabitha St. Germain referred to as a “Renaissance Man,” known for his tarot cards, flag and pin designs, Tumblr comics, and other artwork in the fandom. He has created fan themed card games including “Horse Famous,” “Changeling Takeover,” “Pony Racing,” and “Wrath of Con.” At conventions he is known for his academic and historical panels on fandom history, the narrative arts, and convention scene, including “100 Years of Narrative” and “The Great Literary Game.” He is the former co-host of the “Tumblr PonCast” and “Wanderers in the 4th Dimension” and current co-host of the “Zootopia Minute.”

Outside the fandom he is a genetic biologist with a degree in molecular biology from Johns Hopkins University, a former high priest in the Taoist faith, and a published research historian. He has been published by Arcadia Publishing and other publishers, his latest book “The West Point of the West” is now archived with the Library of Congress and taught in leadership class at various military academies. He is currently working on creator owned comic series with different publishers. 

More Guests to be announced!

 Stay tuned!