Check this page out as we create one of kind 

one day events! 

All year we will be hosting fun one day events for us to come together as a Crystal Fair Family and they will be 

all "Around St. Louis"! 

Mini-Crystal Fair

Join us for a Crystal Fair experience the weekend of            June 28th-29th for an out of this world event! That's right we are going where no pony has gone before, Space; the final frontier.

We will be returning to the 5 Star Senior Center

(2832 Arsenal St. St. Louis, MO)

We will have fun, laughter, panels, music, and more!

More details to follow.  

Some Feature Panels include; "Who's Line is it Any Pony?", "Pictionary", "Kirin Brewery and Bar (18+)", and special panels with Fiaura Tank Girl such as "Why Ponies Matter to Us" and "The Status of Fallout: Equestria".  

Note: All attendees at the "Kirin Brewery and Bar (18+)" will be carded and only those who are 21+ will be served beverages with alcohol. All other attendees will have options of nonalcoholic beverages.


Getting excited for the event? Check out the schedule. 

Friday, June 28th 


Saturday, June 29th

Now let us journey where no pony has gone before!

The Amazing Pony Race 

Join us for the next “Around St. Louis” event.
A unique, one of kind scavenger hunt where you the participants follow clues to St. Louis Landmarks.
Inspired by the tv show “The Amazing Race” we will start at one location and reveal a clue for participants to figure out and navigate to the next location.
We will begin at Lynstone Park in Sunset Hill at 2:00pm.
This will require teams and one member should have a car.
Entry fees is $10 per person and $30 per car.
On the day of event we can match teams that have empty seats with folks in need of a vehicle.

Multi-Fandom Trivia Night

Who's up for some trivia?

We would like to formally invite you to the first Multi-Fandom Trivia Night hosted by the St. Louis Crystal Fair on March 8th. Don't be fooled by the fact that we're a My Little Pony convention – you'll need all your fandom knowledge to come out on top!

Seats are $20 per person and we recommend teams of 6-8. If you have a name for your team/group, be sure to let us know when registering your table. If you're interested in showing off your skills but don't have a group, we have a 'make new friends' table with each seat being $20.

Please RSVP in advance. Tickets are on sale through our website.

We hope to see you there!

Doors open at 5:30pm and trivia starts at 6pm. We will be at the Community Center in Maryland Heights in the Infinity Room. The community center is located at 2300 McKelvey Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Table Name

Hearth's Warming Bazaar 

Our next "Around St. Louis" event will be a Hearth's Warming Bazaar.
Our Bazaar will be located at The Heights (8001 Dale Ave, St. Louis MO 63117) in Richmond Heights on Dec 8th, 2018. The event will last from 3pm-6pm and we are inviting our favorite Vendors from the Crystal Creations rooms. Come and check up some unique gifts to share with your friends this Holiday season.

If you are interested in attending please pre-register on our website or if you are interested in details about being a Vendor please contact our Crystal Creations Liaison at

Nightmare Night Party

Our first event is a Nightmare Night Party at Sunset Hills Community Center on 

Saturday Oct 20th, 2018

Come join us for the Festival where we will have snacks, music, games, and fun! 

This event will be from 5pm to 8pm 

Sign up today for just $10!